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TSSA Call on Government to End Delayed Passenger Rip Off

21 December 2015

TSSA rail chief Manuel Cortes is concerned that consumer group Which? is blaming rail staff for swindling passengers out of refunds for delayed journeys.

And he is calling on the Secretary of State for Transport to oblige train operating companies to end this rip off.

Responding to news this morning that Which? magazine are making a super-complaint to the Office of Rail and Road because as many 47 million journeys a year end in cancellation or delay and it should be easier for passengers to get their money back, TSSA Rail leader Manuel Cortes said:

“Our union and rail passenger groups have long been complaining about passengers not being given automatic compensation for delays and cancellations and we welcome Which? adding their weight to our concerns.

“But as the union leader who represents railway staff including those working in booking offices it would be remiss of me to let Which? blame station staff for not knowing the refund rules.

“Which? should be pointing the finger of blame at the Government for allowing the fragmentation of our railways to continue. Private train operators simply don't distribute to passengers all the money they get from Network Rail in compensation for delays and disruption. Money intended for passengers ends up in the pockets of greedy shareholders.

"Passengers face a Byzantine system when seeking to claim compensation. I hope that Which? joins our campaign to get these rules simplified. It is the franchise operators, who put profit before the public. It is not our members who are failing in their duty of care to passengers and swindling them of their money".

“In the event of delays or cancellations they should promote refunds by allowing staff to hand out the relevant form to passengers and/or give details of how to go about making a claim on-line.

"Better still, the Secretary of State for Transport should end this rip off by compelling greedy train operators to ensure every passenger who suffers a disruption is compensated".

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