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TSSA calls ballot at First Great Western

10 July 2015

TSSA, has called a ballot on industrial action at First Great Western.

It comes after a two day strike by the RMT over the axing of buffet cars and the threat to jobs with the introduction of the new Hitachi express trains from 2017.
The union is asking over 300 managers to vote for action short of a strike in a ballot which opens on July 15 and closes on July 24.
Manuel Cortes, general secretary, said FGW had taken a "high handed" approach to managers during the current walkout.
"First Great Western senior management think that they can just order our members about at will. They are being instructed to do jobs which they do not feel either qualified or confident to do.

"We have very serious concerns about the impact that this is having on passenger safety and have raised this issue with the ORR.
"We are also extremely concerned that the Company have refused to seriously engage with the unions about our  genuine concerns over the introduction of new trains in 2017.

"In particular, proposed reductions in on-board staff numbers will have a serious impact on passenger safety. Of course, standard class passengers will also get a third class service as they will no longer have access to a buffet car.

"Put simply, you can't rely on the trolley service on busy express trains."

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