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TSSA calls for a huge push on gender pay

4 April 2018

On the eve of the deadline for Gender Pay Gap Reporting, TSSA comments on the mixed bag in the rail industry.

The main message to staff in the industry is that it is trade unions that are the key to challenging unfair and unequal pay and to rectifying the problem.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

“The data published so far, shows that most companies have taken the task seriously. Where our union has worked with organisations on their equal pay – for example with Network Rail, the data shows a much decreased gap.

“However many big hitters in rail are scoring above average gender pay gaps. Like Virgin Trains West Coast which has a mean pay gap of over 24% and pays women bonuses which are on average 66% lower than men. It's time for Branson to get off his sun lounger in Necker Island and get this injustice sorted once and for all!

“Now that we can see the scale of the problem it’s time for action. We want to work with the whole rail industry to tackle this serious problem of inequality. Those who are not yet our members should join our TSSA family straight away so we can take this up with their bosses and win.”

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