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TSSA Calls For Immediate Network Rail Recruitment Freeze To Protect Jobs

11 February 2020

Network Rail is continuing to internally and externally advertise roles within Bands 1-4 which could be used to redeploy our members following Putting Passengers First (PPF) tranche 3 reorganisation.

The Company has rejected TSSA proposals for a Company-wide immediate recruitment freeze ahead of PPF tranche 3 consultations.

This is an outrageous situation. Can we believe Network Rail when they say that PPF is not about redundancies when they are not doing all they can to reserve roles for identification, closed listing or redeployment?

TSSA has issued a robust challenge to the Company and we will not sign off any National Principles consultation that does not include a recruitment freeze.

As a result of NR’s position, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has issued an instruction to all Network Rail Reps to refuse to agree any business change proposals until the situation has been resolved.

We do not take this lightly and we are aware that there are genuine business critical roles that need to be filled. However, without appropriate checks and balances being in place, we cannot agree to changes that may end up with members being made redundant unnecessarily.

If you are aware of recruitment activity within your Region or Function that could detrimentally affect your or your colleagues ability to secure suitable alternative employment during PPF, please raise this with your TSSA Reps as a matter of urgency.

A PPF National Principles meeting is scheduled for 12 February to discuss this issue further. Should we receive the commitments to avoiding redundancies that we are seeking, we will obviously communicate the agreement and lift this injunction as appropriate.

Together we are stronger.



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