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TSSA calls for May to sack Osborne as an MP

17 March 2017

Responding to the new editor of the Evening Standard, George Osborne's pledge that under his stewardship the paper's editorial position will be based on two criteria, whether something is good for London or whether something is bad for London.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"If George Osborne is serious about his two criteria, I look forward to the imminent campaign in the Evening Standard to restore Transport for London's central government public subsidy which was good for London. It was abolished by Chancellor George Osborne in November 2015 which caused hundreds of job losses, closed tube ticket offices and left London unsafer than it was before he severed the subsidy.

Frankly, George Osborne as Chancellor was not good for London. If he's as good as his word, we can all look forward to him now campaigning against the cuts he imposed on the capital. But I don't advise holding our breath!

"And in the North where his Tatton constituency lies, his pledge of support for any Northern Powerhouse revival is now looking like a tissue of lies. Rebalancing Britain's economy means taking investment away from London. He cannot represent the interests of Tatton and London at the same time. Theresa May sacked him once from her cabinet because he conflicted with her interests. But despite his conflicted interests are now he must be sacked as a Tory MP."

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