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TSSA calls for new Tube talks

9 July 2015

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes called for Tube peace talks to start at ACAS tomorrow to end travel disruption in London.

Strike - Victoria

"No one wants to see London at a standstill, least of all our members, so it is high time for LU to come back to the negotiating table.

"They should stop playing games and start talking to us in good faith to get a sensible solution to this dispute.

"We are ready and willing to be at ACAS tomorrow morning to sort this out. It is time to end the blame game and agree a solution which keeps London moving and secures the start of the Night Tube in September."

For more on the reasons why London Underground workers have been pushed to strike see here, or if you are a member looking for the latest updates, see our LU pages.

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