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TSSA calls for Theresa May to sack Grayling for incompetence

15 February 2018

It’s come to light that questions are being asked in the Dutch Parliament about state rail company Abellio’s investments in the UK. Dutch politicians are concerned that misadventures in the UK may cost them money.

TSSA’s leader Manuel Cortes has called for the Prime Minister to sack Grayling, saying:

“Because of Grayling’s doormat impression over East Coast, allowing a bailout that will cost the taxpayer £2 billion, and letting some of the richest men in Britain off the hook. Why wouldn’t other franchises question their deals too if they can walk away Scot free rather than incur losses?

“Why can Virgin Trains make profits out of rail passengers on the West Coast franchise but have to throw in the towel on the East Coast? It makes a mockery of the whole system, which of course is flawed.

“Let’s just be honest and admit that rail privatisation doesn’t work. Get rid of ‘Failing Grayling’ and bring it all in-house, to be run properly and in the interests of passengers and taxpayers, like the successful, profitable and popular model East Coast trains demonstrated between 2009-2015!”

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