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TSSA calls on ScotRail to admit staff cuts is real reason for train delays

18 April 2019

TSSA has today called on ScotRail to admit that delays to passenger journeys are down to “bad staffing decisions”.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said “ScotRail’s favourite excuse for delays just now is “staff training”. But the truth is that if they had enough staff to cover, they wouldn’t need to inconvenience passengers. The lack of staff is completely down to Abellio’s decisions.

“First, they laid off as many staff as they could through 3 Voluntary Severance exercises. And then they deliberately didn’t fill posts so that staffing levels dropped unacceptably low.

“It’s only when they had to put together a Remedial Plan that they accepted they need to recruit new staff.

“Of course, new staff need training and existing staff need to learn new trains. But when ScotRail say “staff training” they are only telling half the story. It’s high time Abellio was honest with passengers and admitted that delays are down to their own bad staffing decisions!

“ScotRail are talking about taking on more than 80 new staff – and that’s still not going to fill all the vancacies they have! It’s beyond belief that they think they can keep on pulling the wool over passengers’ eyes.

“Sadly, the one person who it seems Abellio can still fool is Transport Secretary Michael Matheson. He’s the one who has the power to put a stop to Abellio’s contract, but he’s ducked more opportunities to do so than I’ve had hot dinners! Time he did the decent thing and resign so that someone who’s actually up to the job can take over.”


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