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TSSA challenges Labour leadership election rules

18 July 2016

TSSA's General Secretary Manuel Cortes has written to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Leadership to challenge the new rules in the Labour leadership election.

The text of Manuel's letter is reposted below

15 July

Dear Jeremy

Re: Leadership Election


Hope you are well.


I received an email and attachments from Emma Meehan, Labour's Head of Stakeholders, on 14 July 2016 at 19:26. Contained within them, there is letter stating that the right to vote in the Leadership Election will not be extended to levy paying members who have joined our union after the 12th January 2016. This is a deeply regrettable change from the contest held only ten short months ago. Most importantly, it breaches the agreement reached with the then leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, when the new system was agreed in 2014 as he guaranteed that affiliated unions would not need to change their rules or their democratic processes.


In our union, the only requirement to get a vote is to be a member. There is no qualifying period. In fact, if this was an industrial action ballot, we would be dragged in front of a High Court Judge if we failed to extend the right to vote to members who had just joined our union. Sadly, I fear that if this decision is not overturned, it may well take a legal ruling to end the disenfranchisement of our members. I hope that you will agree that this will not be in the best interests of our Party or its affiliates.


It appears that the Procedures Committee has made an unusual and damaging decision. Consequently, next week's NEC should set it aside.


I hope that this letter is circulated and discussed during next week's meeting so that common sense prevails and the Procedures Committee decision is overturned by the NEC.


Best wishes






General Secretary


CC: Ian McNichol, Paddy Lillis, Andi Fox, Paul Kenny, Mick Whelan and Maria Exall

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