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TSSA Comment: Kezia Dugdale to stand down as MSP for Scottish Labour

30 April 2019

Responding to news that Kezia Dugdale is to stand down as am MSP for Scottish Labour to take up a role at The University of Glasgow's John Smith Centre, TSSA General Secretary. Manuel Cortes said:

"I am glad Kezia takes her Labour Party public service experience to University of Glasgow's John Smith Centre. The Centre is committed, as was the late great John Smith to public service

"The night before he died in May 1994, The Rt Hon John Smith QC, MP gave a speech that concluded with these words: The opportunity to serve our country - that is all we ask.

"That phrase encapsulates his lifetime of commitment to helping others through public service. We wish Kezia good luck and solidarity in ensuring the legacy of our Labour Party's much missed former leader continues at the John Smith Centre named after him."


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