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TSSA Condemn ScotRail's "Remedial Plan"

22 March 2019

TSSA today condemned Scotrail's new "Remedial Plan" as "quack medicine" which will do nothing to cure the downward spiral of service at the rail company. And our union's General Secretary predicts further failure of its franchise commitments will continue for the next 12 months.

Manuel Cortes, TSSA's General Secretary, said, "ScotRail set records last year for poor performance and punctuality. Now they’re setting a new record in arrogance by submitting a “Remedial Plan” that tells customers not to expect a remedy any time soon. Scottish rail passengers are being taken for a ride - provided it’s not on a ScotRail train as they are mostly cancelled! However, the buck stops with Matheson and his utter failure to intervene.

"Let's face it, this isn't a remedy. It is quack medicine which the Scottish government is using to try and con the public that something is being done. Don't buy it! It will do nothing to cure the downward service spiral at ScotRail.

“But the results of Transport Minister Michael Matheson’s failure to manage the franchise are laid bare here as Abellio actually admit they don’t expect to meet their franchise obligations until 2021. You couldn't make this unacceptable rubbish up. Any Transport Minister with a backbone would revoke this contract right now or resign."

“The drop in staff levels which ScotRail say needs fixing to improve services is a problem they created for themselves. Abellio adopted a deliberate policy of cutting staff in order to boost their profits – including drivers, conductors and maintenance engineers which they now realise they need to replace. This is creating delays, cancellations and short, overcrowded and dirty trains.

“Abellio’s policy of running staffing levels into the grounds has paid off for them. They made a profit last year and I’m sure the Dutch Treasury are very happy with the extra Euros in their pocket. But it’s Scottish commuters that have paid the price!

“I wrote to Nicola Sturgeon this week requesting a meeting to discuss how to save ScotRail. It’s clear her Transport Minister is a very poor excuse for someone in charge as he thinks this “Remedial Plan” is good enough. She has my number, if she’s serious about improving rail services for Scotland she just needs to pick up the phone."

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