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TSSA condemns Network Rail bonus payments

29 May 2013

The TSSA today attacked Network Rail over its decision to award the Chief Executive and four other directors annual bonuses totaling more than £350,000.

Manuel Cortes, union General Secretary, said: "The rail industry continues to reward failure on a grand scale. Again, Network Rail have missed their punctuality and safety targets and still awarded directors massive bonuses.

"As passengers face yearly fare increases, they will be puzzled why the directors across the rail industry, who cannot make their trains run on time, continue to reward themselves with taxpayers' money. Such announcements by the industry are the equivalent of several great train robberies each year.

"It adds insult to injury that Network Rail sought to justify such payments by reducing the payments by only 10% to reflect the failure to improve workforce safety. Coming only a month after Network Rail was yet again being fined over a level crossing death, life is starting to sound very cheap indeed.”

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