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TSSA condemns report Is Scotland on the Right Track a sign Abellio is desperate to cling onto ScotRail

20 August 2018

Responding to the report Is Scotland on the Right Track commissioned by Abellio and written by Tom Harris, Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA, said “The fact that Abellio have commissioned this research is a sign of how desperate they have become to cling onto ScotRail, regardless of the cost to the Scottish people.

“This report shows that 50% of Scots rate bringing railways into public ownership as one of their top three priorities! Even Abellio’s own propaganda shows people are fed up with them and want ScotRail run in the public sector!

“We saw at the weekend that one in seven ScotRail trains arrived late in June and July this year. Abellio should be focusing on delivering a better service not trying to distract the public with a report.

“The report fails to make any convincing case for privatisation. The improvement to rail services this century are largely down to Network Rail – which the last Labour government nationalised. All Harris does is claim that everything good on the railways is down to the TOCs and everything bad is down to factors outside their control. If Abellio can’t run an efficient railway on a 45% subsidy then they should hand back the keys.

“Tom Harris, author of the report, should of course be aware of Network Rail’s part in the rail network’s improvements as a former rail minister under Tony Blair. But he’s a purebred free market fundamentalist. I’m delighted that he is no longer part of our Labour family as views are thoroughly Thatcherite Tory.”

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