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TSSA considering to ballot in Dublin Bus, CIE and Iarnród Éireann

15 May 2013

TSSA Irish committee has unanimously granted authority to ballot Dublin Bus, CIE and Iarnród Éireann if no resolution can be found in the current peace talks in the LRC on the Bus Éireann dispute.

TSSA members see the need to stand united to defend their terms and conditions that are under attack. Bus Éireann workers have shown great courage and solidarity in standing up to protect their terms and conditions.

For a while members have indicated concerns on management plans across the whole CIE group of companies to attack pay and conditions.
Talks continue at the LRC over the Bus Éireann dispute, if no resolution can be found and industrial action is again required by our members it will be crucial for all members to show solidarity.

We need to send a strong message to the management of all the CIE group of companies if they attempt to attack our member’s terms and conditions and impose changes with no agreement from the unions as they tried in Bus Éireann they will be resisted.

We are currently consulting with our reps across the CIE group of companies on the on-going issues. In considering whether TSSA should trigger a ballot, it is crucial that we gather the views of our members and meet with your TSSA reps.  No decision will be taken on this whilst we are in consultation and dependant on the outcome of the LRC talks, this will determine what if any action will be taken.

A meeting of your TSSA representatives will be called over the next couple of days and we will provide you with an update following those discussions.

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