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TSSA criticises Abellio for failure to plan

16 January 2019

Manuel Cortes today criticised Abellio’s failure to plan following a story in the Scottish Sunday Sun about Hitachi’s failure to deliver their 385 trains on time.

Fifty-six Hitachi 385 trains should have been available in December when ScotRail’s new timetable launched. However, only thirty-one had been delivered by the start of December, leaving ScotRail twenty-five trains down and passengers fuming at cancelled services.

“Clearly Hitachi have almost got a captive market once a contract is signed. But responsibility also lies with Abellio. They knew months in advance that Hitachi was letting them down but still pressed ahead with a rail timetable they knew they wouldn’t be able to deliver.

“Fault also lies with Abellio’s director who arranged for ScotRail to send ten “158” trains to Northern before all the Hitachi trains had arrived. Contingency planning and allowing for slippage in delivery are bread and butter project management skills. Abellio should have been able to manage slow delivery of the Hitachi 385s and should never have launched a timetable they couldn’t deliver.”

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