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TSSA criticises 'blind devotion to automation'

13 September 2018

Responding to calls from the Office of Rail and Road(ORR) to improve competition and innovation for ticket gates and ticket vending machines,

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes said,

"The ORR as usual can't see the wood for the trees. Their blind devotion to automation in our rail industry flies in the face of their own evidence and passengers' wishes.

"Our members who sell tickets in ticket offices and staff on trains to conduct ticket checking is the time honoured way of preventing fare evasion in our rail industry. And of course staff come with the additional benefits of providing passengers with a decent standard of customer service and across the industry it's their eyes keep our railways safe.

"Chasing yet more market solutions to boost ticket sales and further complicate gateway machines won't improve anything for our passengers or railway revenues. It will just pump money out of our rail industry into the hands of private companies. Bringing back ticket office staff and keeping ticket inspectors on trains will stop fare evasion. I dare the ORR to innovate with the proven track record - the person over machine one!"

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