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TSSA criticises new bonus plan for Network Rail executives

2 February 2012

The TSSA today crticised plans by Network Rail to approve a new bonus plan next week which would see executive receive 60% on top of their annual salaries plus long term incentive payments on top of that.

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary of the TSSA, said:

"It beggar's belief that Network Rail bosses are talking about six figure bonuses in the week that they have been pleaded guilty to criminal behaviour over the deaths of two school girls in Essex six years ago.

"This is a tax payer funded company which has effectively been warned by the ORR not to pay any bonuses for this year because of its poor performance.

"And yet they are planning to pay themselves even more public money for failing to run the railway on time. Cutting annual bonues from 100% to 60% of their inflated salaries is just an insult to the travelling public."

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