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TSSA demand recognition at Abellio's Fort William Contact Centre

10 August 2018

Manuel Cortes,wrote this week to Abellio to demand a formal recognition agreement for TSSA in Fort William’s Contact Centre.

The deal would allow TSSA to negotiate pay and terms and conditions for the staff who work there. It would also mean the company would have to negotiate with the union before any further job cuts.

This follows a story in last week’s Lochaber Times that the Customer Service Centre laid off 4 staff in order to move their jobs to Glasgow.
Manuel Cortes warned staff that more jobs could go and advised them to join the TSSA, in order to protect their rights. The story lead to a surge in members at the contact centre.

Cortes said, “Abellio have ten days to reply positively to our request or we will apply to the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) for a formal recognition order.
Frankly, I would rather the Company engaged in talks so we could reach a voluntary agreement like the ones we have in many other Abellio workplaces. We most certainly don't bite and I am extremely surprised that we have not yet held any recognition talks.

“I am coming to Fort William on Tuesday 14th to recruit in the Contact Centre. I am very much looking forward to meeting all our new TSSA members and listening to their views.

“But I also expect to walk out of there with at the very least a heads of agreement on formal recognition. I am therefore also looking forward to having talks with management. If we don't get a voluntary agreement very soon, Abellio can expect to hear from the CAC.”


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