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TSSA Director Nominated in British LGBT+ Awards

5 February 2019

TSSA is delighted that our TSSA Organising Director - Nadine Rae - has been nominated in this year's British LGBT+ Awards.

The prestigious awards seek to raise the profile of work being done to promote social diversity, awareness, inclusivity and tolerance of LGBT+ people.

Nadine, who leads on equality agendas for our transport and travel sector union, has made campaigning for inclusive workplaces the heart of her life's work.

A mother, a lesbian and a senior trade union leader, Nadine is a champion of attitude transformation. In her early forties she has dedicated her working life to campaign for better workplaces in New Zealand, India, Switzerland and now here in the UK.

Nadine developed our union's TSSA Equality Standard as a collaborative partnership between our union and employers, by which the rail industry is now able to create inclusive workplaces for LGBT+.

In 2017 her work won Stonewall’s partnership and TSSA became its first trade union Diversity Champion.

We collaborate with Stonewall to ensure we, as employers, are LGBT+ inclusive and aware. And as collective bargaining brokers engaged with Human Resource and other Senior Managers across many other workplaces we hope to lead by example and share our good practice with other managers.

Last year Nadine used the power of our union to harness parliamentary support for a high-profile launch of TSSA Role Model Posters. These featured portrait photographs of real LGBT+ people working in the rail industry.

Its aim is to showcase the faces of LGBT+ people on notice boards across the rail industry to normalise LGBT+ presence in the workplace.

Countering stereotyping in the transport industry - just 16 per cent of the 84,000 people working in the transport industry are female - is an important part of promoting acceptance for LGBT+ and women.

Nadine currently leads the rail industry' Inclusive Rail ambition to make the UK's railway a totally inclusive work and travel space for LGBT+ by 2025.

Responding to news of her nomination Nadine said: "I am thrilled that the work we are doing as a union is being recognised this way. It's true I want to make the world a better place and change the world for LGBT+ people. But the best way I know to do that with no strings attached is through union activity.

"Everyone should be able to bring their whole selves to work. Our workplace is somewhere we need to be our authentic selves. Work is a public space, it is where we grow and where we can grow solidarity.

“It is where we gain allies who will refute stereotypes so we don't have to fight. That is how we win the right to be ourselves. Not just for ourselves but for everyone in the workplaces we share.

"It is important that unions defend health and safety at work and pay and conditions, but it is also important that we combat social injustice. If your union is relevant it will also be combating marginalisation and stereotyping of employees and working to have the most diverse workspaces possible."

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said:"Even in the union world, Nadine is a standout pioneer. Her sheer enthusiasm and drive to change the world of work for LGBT+ people is not just inspiring, it is making a difference and changing the rail industry.

“TSSA is very proud of her, the team she leads and the work they are doing. Her nomination is richly deserved. "

The awards will be presented in a star-studded ceremony, hosted by broadcaster Graham Norton, in London in May.

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