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TSSA endorses Corbyn speech to Labour conference

25 September 2017

Responding to the speech of Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn to conference today, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said:

“What a fantastic programme for a fairer Britain Jeremy has set out today. Socialism for the 21st century, what’s not to like? Democracy breaking out from Westminster so people can take back control of their own lives, what’s not to endorse? Blaming the Tories not migrants for seven successive years of falling wages in our country, what’s not to approve? 

“A Labour Brexit pledge that keeps us centre stage as we build a new progressive relationship with a Europe for the many not the few and puts jobs first, what’s not to want?

“Introducing rent controls to liberate housing for all, taking back our utilities from foreign private equity funds and putting peace, justice and equality at the heart of our foreign policy, what’s not to make you proud? 

“Labour’s manifesto for the many is now mainstream. Jeremy says Labour’s campaign machine is primed and ready to roll. So bring on the election. Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister of a Britain for the many not the few, what’s not to vote for? 

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