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TSSA gets a Gold

3 September 2012

It was Gold for TSSA at London 2012! We’re the first trade union in the UK (and possibly the world) to produce a mobile phone app.

Olympic app

The TSSA Olympic Survival Guide was launched with Val Shawcross AM, Labour’s London Transport spokesperson, in the week before the Games began.

The TSSA smart phone app has the support of fellow transport groups, the Campaign for Better Transport and Climate Rush, which have promoted it widely to their supporters. LUSH, the handmade cosmetics firm that helps fund Climate Rush, have also given their backing. The app has received praise from the global trade union movement, including Union Solidarity International (USI) and the Union Organisers blog which described it as “one of the most exciting developments in our movement’s use of technology”. The blog went on to describe what it saw as TSSA’s “real innovation and willingness to use all the available technologies to connect with members, potential members, campaigners and the travelling public”.

The TSSA Olympic Survival Guide contains transport updates, an Olympic schedule, useful contacts and travel guides. It’s also a fantastic campaigning tool, with information about TSSA and community campaigns. It helps raise public awareness about the vital contribution of public transport workers and encourages TSSA members and the travelling public to pledge their support for a properly funded and fully integrated public transport system. Because of the app, we’ve already had hundreds of people sign up to our Olympic Pledge.

The app has now been redeveloped for the Paralympics, with TSSA working in conjunction with the disability campaign groups, Transport for All and A2B to provide additional information about accessible transport and facilities for disabled travellers.

So, what happens after London 2012...? Well, this is just the beginning. We’re planning to develop the app as a campaigning tool to assist and support TSSA members and reps, and to build widespread support for properly funded and affordable public transport services.

Reports show that the majority of Britons now own a smartphone with about half of these based on the Android platform on which the app was first launched. Blackberry and Windows followed soon after, with an iPhone version coming later this year when we re-launch with new functions.

We’re looking for TSSA members to help guide us as the app develops. To download it – or see a sample running in your web browser, see and use the ‘feedback’ option to let us know what you think about the app, and what you’d like it to include in the future.

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