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TSSA Hails 'Ambitious', 'Thrilling' Labour Manifesto To 'Reboot Britain'

21 November 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has hailed as 'ambitious' and 'thrilling' Labour's General Election manifesto which will 'reboot Britain'.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Party goes into the election pledging a raft of radical social and economic measures aimed at overturning years of Conservative austerity.

Speaking at the launch of the flagship policy document in Birmingham, Cortes compared the manifesto to that of the reforming Attlee Government at the end of the Second World War.

Cortes said: “Our Labour Party is putting in front of the British people the most ambitious plan to create a fairer country since 1945. We will be halting the march of Tory economists which, for far too long, has seen a select few at the top proposer at the expense of millions of our fellow citizens.

“Labour is offering fully costed comprehensive measures based on the long-term interests of working people. The proposals in the manifesto will release our country from the choking grip of Tory misrule and reboot Britain for the 21st Century.

“This is about building an economy where people are no longer taken for a ride. Make no mistake - unless you are a tax dodger or filthy rich you will win.

“Labour is on your side - from saving our NHS to ensuring all of our children have the best start, through Sure Start and the proper funding of our education system, from building thousands of new council homes to ending the scandal of student tuition fees, from stopping the rip off across our railways, energy sector and utilities, to ensuring that we have a fair tax system.

“The prospect of a Labour victory, and with it a society that will work for the many not the few, is absolutely thrilling.”

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