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TSSA host freedom of movement rally at Labour Party conference

20 September 2017

TSSA is hosting a fringe rally at Labour Party Conference in Brighton this coming Sunday night calling for an end to workers exploitation, not freedom of movement.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes will be joined on the speaker's platform by Labour Party MPs, other trade union leaders and prominent members of the labour movement who are coming together to campaign to prevent the Tory's from enacting their Brexit pledge to end free movement on March 31, 2019.

Said Cortes,"As the reality of the Brexit vote bites, more and more people in Britain are regretting their decision to vote to leave the EU. Any promised Brexit juice is no longer looking worth the squeeze on our living standards, the spike in inflation nor the rise in costs. The Tories sold Britain a dud when they foisted Brexit upon us and Britain desperately needs Labour to come to it's rescue.

"As more EU workers upsticks and leave the UK, our NHS is losing nurses, our old folk are losing their carers, our universities are losing their lectures and our food and agricultural sectors are haemorrhaging their workforce. If the Tories have their Brexit way, by March 31, the only people who won't be free to leave Britain will be Brits themselves.

"Brexit is the biggest act of self-harm in British history. It ain't pretty to watch. But the good news is that Tory Brexit is not inevitable. Let's get rid of the Tories, get rid of their Brexit and truly transform Britain's future using Labour's Manifesto for the Many as our guide to ensure not only is no-one left behind, but that the migrant workers are country's economy so desperately needs should neither be hounded or locked out and neither should British workers be diminished by being jailed in."

The rally, which is being co-hosted with online Labour news website, LabourList, will be held in The Grand Hotel, 97 King's Road, Brighton at 9pm 

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