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TSSA intervention forces U-turn over ScotRail bonus

8 February 2018

A TSSA intervention has won back a £100 bonus for every member of Abellio ScotRail staff who were promised it it they helped return the company to profit.

 A TSSA intervention has won back a £100 bonus for every member of Abellio ScotRail staff who were promised it it they helped return the company to profit. 

But despite posting a million pound profit last year, Abellio attempted to break the promise yesterday when they issued a notice to staff saying anyone retiring or who volunteering for redundancy since the pledge  was made would no longer get their due.  

TSSA  went public with the claim and within an hour of writing our press release and being contacted by journalists, ScotRail reinstated the bonus.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, “This is a victory for ScotRail's hard working and hardpressed staff over the short-sighted miserliness of ScotRail bosses who think they ca ride rough shod over their workforce without consequence.

"Everyone promised a bonus will now be quite rightly getting that bonus. It shows the value of belonging to TSSA and the value of good journalism in holding the powerful to account. 

 " I am delighted that TSSA Scotland had forced ScotRail'schange of heart. Everyone employed by ScotRail on 31st December will receive the bonus. That is exactly how it should have been from the start.

"And I’d like to thank our communications team for their bringing this to the media’s attention, and shaming Abellio into such a rapid U-turn.”

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