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TSSA Launch New Equality Handbook Celebrating Diversity

11 June 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has hailed the union's new Equality handbook as "setting the standard on equality."

The handbook - launched on the closing day of the union’s annual Conference in Glasgow (10th June) - builds considerably on the work carried out since the first edition a decade ago.

The booklet focuses on TSSA’s various campaigns and awareness programmes including work on an inclusive LGBT+ environment and links to Stonewall, combating racism, action on equal pay, neurodiversity support and breaking down mental health stigma.

Cortes said: “Ten years ago we launched our first Equality Handbook. Since then we’ve made significant achievements in many areas of equality beyond our expectations.

“Our members and representatives are leading on all our equality work by being positive role models, workplace champions and campaigning for change. We can win together. We can set the standard in our industries and continue to lead on equality as a Trade Union.”

Nadine Rae, TSSA Organising Director, who launched the Handbook said: “It’s important we lead on equality not just as a member organisation but as an employer.

“We are a Stonewall Diversity Champion. This means we aim to create workplaces that are inclusive for LGBT+ and allows people to be their authentic selves at work.”

“TSSA has also built expertise in neurodiversity that supports our members and extends into our own workplace and employment practices. We have signed a pledge with Time to Change, committing us to breakdown any stigma of mental health that our members and staff may face and focus on improving wellbeing at work.”

Manuel Cortes added: “I am proud that TSSA as an employer has only a 3.3% gender pay gap - however we have to strive to eliminate gender inequality all together in our own TSSA is committed to celebrate, promote and manage diversity workplace and in the workplaces of our members.”

  TSSA Equality Handbook 2019

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