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TSSA launches campaign to save ScotRail jobs

15 November 2017

TSSA has launched a social media and poster campaign pressing Scottish Transport Minister, Humza Yusaf, to intervene to stop Abellio ScotRail pressing ahead with their pre-Christmas jobs cull.

The TSSA fight back comes after Abellio ScotRail wrote to all its managerial, administrative and clerical staff on Tuesday asking them to volunteer to lose their jobs.

TSSA represents more than 500 of the hundreds upon hundreds of workers who have been asked to put themselves in the firing line.
A social media campaign is now underway using a hard hitting meme with a picture of Humza set against a rafter of turkeys and a caption saying “ScotRail’s workers are not turkeys. Don’t slaughter their jobs for Christmas.”The same message will be appearing on union workplace notice boards across ScotRail.

TSSA is encouraging passengers and rail user groups to share the meme and up the pressure on Humza to show support for ScotRail’s workforce in the face of Abellio’s appalling treatment.
Scottish Labour MSP, Neil Findlay, will also put an emergency motion to the Scottish Parliament in support of ScotRails workforce in an effort to head off the jobs cull.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes,”Now the news is out, the shock waves reverberating through ScotRail’s workforce is making itself felt as a shiver in Holyrood, running round trying to find Humza’s spine to run up.
“It is not acceptable industrial relations for a single member of ScotRail’s non carriage or station staff across Scotland to be marched to a firing line, a metaphorical gun is now at their heads and under those conditions they are being asked to say whether they want to stay or leave.

“Not since the miners strike have I seen a workforce treated so badly. We have no indication of where they want cuts, or how many numbers they want to lose because their is no strategy. If our members volunteer it is likely they will be culled.

“Abellio cannot be allowed to circumvent the no compulsory redundancy clause with such a contemptuous request. It is a stain on Scotland’s reputation to allow any work force be treated this way. It is to prevent vindictive industrial practice like this that unions were invented in the first place. Humza has to first call Abellio’s dogs off ScotRail’s workers and then, because Abellio is clear in breach of its franchise commitments to staff, he must serve notice on them that their tenure is over, break the franchise, take back the keys and allow ScotRail to be run in the interests of its passengers, workers and Scottish taxpayers."

“TSSA organisers are today discussing with reps how our members would like to respond to Abellio. Industrial action, including strike action, is of course on our agenda.”

 ScotRail staff aren't turkeys Humza

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