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TSSA launches consultation of members warning BTP not to turf staff out at 1am

17 March 2017

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes stepped up our campaign on rosters this week following BTPÂ’s move to impose the rosters, highlighting the 0100 finishes and loss of nightshift allowance, and launching our consultation of PCSO members.


PCSO members voiced their concerns that the new rosters are not practical during BTP's own staff consultation process. A TSSA proposal to finish the shift at midnight to enable members to make the last train was rejected and BTP have now issued new rosters for April forcing staff onto the 1a.m. finish in 1 out of every 3 shifts.

Manuel said: "BTP have made a sham of their own consultation process by ignoring the valid concerns of their staff who simply can't get home at 1am. Are they supposed to sleep at the station?

“No employer should turf their staff out at 1am onto the streets with no way to get home. But that's what BTP, the very people charged with ensuring the public travel safely, are now doing to their own staff. Frankly, it beggars belief and it's causing a lot of unnecessary upset."

"Our reps have tried to get BTP to see sense on this one and asked for shifts either to be put back to midnight or left to 7am. But management remain stubbornly intransigent and our members are furious so we are now consulting them on how we resist this change. Make no mistake, we are considering all options to stop BTP imposing this roster on our members, including ballots for industrial action should it prove necessary.

"Our PCSO members are professional police support staff dedicated to keeping commuterssafe. So a failure by their bosses to protect them is insulting as is their unwillingness to negotiate with our reps over this easily resolvable issue."I'll also be asking London's Mayor Sadiq Khan to review the situation and bang heads together if necessary."

Where we are now

See over for developments in B Division. We continue to press BTP to meet to discuss the national roster and the change the national rosters to midnight for the Late finish plus address the nightshift pay issue.

BTP Response and Reaction - three things that happened after

ONE Another Groundhog day with the formal BTP response including:

“Throughout this process, we have ensured staff and union representatives have had input into the proposals. We’ve held feedback events across England, Scotland and Wales and have actually adapted the shift patterns following feedback received from staff.

Sadly, the facts speak for themselves:

· The PCSOs’ main roster has not changed at all since this consultation opened in October 2016.

· Questions and points from TSSA and hundreds of PCSOs alike remain unanswered.

· Even most recently, when 90 PCSOs emailed the Force detailing their difficulties getting home at BTP’s request, BTP’s next step was to issue the new roster. Where is that duty of care?

· Most employers would not consider one-third saying they can’t comply as ‘small numbers. Flexible working for a third of staff on a roster? And this third may just be the tip of the iceberg. Most employers would see that the roster was not viable and need to be changed.

TWO our 90 PCSOs who sent in their personal account of difficulties with 0100 to the DCC/ DRD, have now started to receive acknowledgements of their email - an improvement on silence!

THREE An email was sent to all B Division PCSOs in the evening of the press coverage. The email represented a move to try to refocus on a way forward for PCSOs given the current impasse and we have welcomed it as a step in the right direction.

The B Division email

· re-emphasised the community engagement role of PCSOs

· offered local agreements to assist PCSOs with late finishes

· confirming local management have scope to vary finish times

While it could help significant numbers of PCSOs, it does not resolve the problem. Clearly it does not cover C Division and relies too much on local good will. While plenty of managers are privately critical of the roster and process, the reality is that they have been put in a position of having to defend DRD for months on end. A change to the national roster is required. And the nightshift pay issue must be resolved.

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