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TSSA Launches New One Love Anti-Racism Poster Campaign

12 March 2019

TSSA launches a new poster campaign today to combat a climate of rising racism across Britain.

The "One Love" campaign channels Bob Marley's classic anthem in favour of racial harmony and is being launched in the run up to the United Nations (UN) World Anti-Racism Day this Saturday, (March 16.)

The poster will appear as placards on demonstrations to mark the day on Saturday in Glasgow, Cardiff and London.

It will also be used as a tool by our union reps on notice boards in workplaces across our transport and travel industries to promote workplace tolerance and to challenge racist behaviour at work.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes,

"We all know that since the Brexit referendum Britain seems to have become a more intolerant place. And our Parliamentary parties are caught up in turmoil over Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.

"But the sad truth is all forms of racism are on the rise across Scotland, and the rest of Britain. Our reps and our members are reporting an increase of racism towards them, especially front line staff who are facing increasing racial abuse from members of the public.

"As a union we, of course, have a zero tolerance of such behaviour. But we also have a duty to too to raise awareness and resist racism which has long been a divide and rule tactic by those on the Right to divide workers.

"Brexit has fed the anti-immigration sentiment. But we have much work to do to counter Tory behaviour which is fanning the flames of dog whistle racism in Britain. Their track record is appalling. In the 2015 general election Cameron claimed migrants were swarming Britain. Theresa May booted Windrush generation members out of Britain and added to the hostile environment.

"Amber Rudd did not understand until last week that the term "coloured" is offensive to black and white people. Andrea Leadsom’s view that Islamophobia suffered by British born and bred Muslims is a Foreign and Commonwealth Office issue proved Baroness Warsi's point about the institutional Islamophobia in the Tory party.

"But of course the Labour Party needs to remain at the fore of fighting racism. Pledging to eradicate Anti-Semitism from our Party is a priority for our union as is zero tolerance of racism in any form. This is our mantra.

"It is with heavy hearts that we have to face the fact that reported incidents of racial abuse are on the rise. And our One Love posters were created as a response to concerns about racial tensions in some London stations where our members wanted materials to support and promote positivity, tolerance and inclusivity. They have proved popular where they have been used. People understand One Love means "Let's get together and we'll be alright."

"As Brexit continues to make Britain a more toxic, more divided society than pre-2016, The UN World Anti-Racism Day could not have come at a better moment. Britain really does need to get together to conquer the Brexit divisions. One Love we hope will help."

Anyone wishing to download or use the TSSA One Love is welcome.

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