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TSSA launches PRP and Equal Pay Survey in TfL

3 June 2013

TSSA has launched a major survey of all TfL staff to find out your views and experience of Performance Related Pay and Performance Review systems across the company.

Talks on PRP and the Peformance Review system scheduled to start this week have now been postponed until July. Whilst this delay in resolving the issues is disappointing, it provides us with an opportunity to find out your views and experiences of PRP and Performance Review. In preparation for forthcoming negotiations, and ensure that we represent your interests, TSSA is seeking your views - and those of all TfL staff - about how we can improve the pay and grading system in TfL.

Take a few minutes to complete our online survey:

TSSA is also seriously concerned that significant differentials exist in pay-rates for TfL staff doing identical or similar jobs. There is no clear guidance for determining starting salaries, and the range of pay bands is vast. This can lead to staff in similar roles being appointed on massively different salaries.

This is not only unfair, but it may be illegal. Staff doing the same, or work of equal value, should be on the same pay rates. We strongly believe that TfL may be in breach of the Equality Act. If this is the case we may be able to support TfL staff who wish to pursue an equal pay claim. By completing the survey you can help us to identify discrepancies in pay, and be part of the move

Let us know what’s going on... complete the TSSA PRP and Equal Pay Survey.  It is time for a fair and transparent pay structure in TfL.




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