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TSSA Leader says £700k wasted as Ernst & Young fail to deliver workable plan to merge BTP and Police Scotland

11 September 2018

Manuel Cortes today lambasted Scottish Government over news that consultants including Ernst & Young were costing Scottish taxpayers over £700K.

 “This is far from the cost neutral merger which the SNP promised parliament. £700,000 could fund 28 new bobbies on the beat. Instead it’s been wasted on overpaid consultants, failing to deliver a workable plan to carry out the merger. Humza Yousaf needs to grasp the nettle and cancel this merger before any more public money is wasted on it.

“Scottish taxpayers deserve to see our money being better spent. And our members, and the BTP Police Officers deserve to know what their future holds now.”


Notes to Editors

TSSA represents civilian staff in BTP and has been at the forefront of public and political campaign to end the merger proposals.

TSSA submitted an 11k petition to Holyrood last October which was signed by Jeremy Corbyn and Andy McDonald

TSSA also coordinated political campaigning with Scottish labour, Scottish Tory MPs and Scottish Lords at Westminster

Amongst the civilian jobs carried out in BTP and represented by the TSSA are: Scenes of Crime Officer, Vulnerable Person Coordinator, Crime Prevention Design Advisor, Career Development and Talent Management Advisor, Crime and Justice Unit Manager, Crime Analysis Manager Case Progress Officer, Intelligence Unit Researcher.


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