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TSSA leader says blaming unions at Southern is boring

22 June 2017

Responding to news of the Gibb Report TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said;

"Sadly, Gibb has belittled himself by taking the DFT's shilling and now writes propaganda on behalf of the Tory party.

The election has just shown that the British public see through such stunts for which the Tories have been punished with loss of seats and swing to Labour in constituencies with Southern Rail services. Beleaguered passengers will remain unimpressed at Gibb's continued and frankly boring, dragging out of  the blame game. Parent company GTR has long lost it's grip but  the responsibility for the chaos at Southern stops with Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling. He should take back control of an abysmal failure by stripping GTR of it's franchise.

However, our weak PM, has just reappointed him as chief presider over the misery at Southern."

Southern trains fiasco blamed on rail unions’ needless strikes


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