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TSSA Leads Trade Unionists Rally Against Brexit

20 February 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, will lead the call for the suspension of Brexit or an extension of Article 50 to prevent the country crashing out of the EU on March 29th at a cross-union rally in London (Thursday 21st Feb)

 He will be joined by Jason Moyer-Lee General Secretary of the International Workers in Great Britain (IWGB), Unison Organiser Katia Widlak, Maritza Castillo Calle, a cleaner at the University of London where she chairs the IWGB branch. Unite activist and nurse Mark Boothroyd and Tom Kibasi of think tank IPPR will also join the panel.

Commenting, Manuel Cortes said: "I would have thought I'd be delighted to watch the Tory Party implode over Brexit but I'm not. I'm furious that their war games with Europe are making workers lives in Britain so precarious.

“Jobs from Sunderland to Swindon are going up in smoke. Our economy is flatlining and still Theresa May threatens us all with her no deal Brexit.

"Some Labour MPs have bolted for a mythical centre ground. I'm disappointed at their lack of backbone and stamina - and I have news for them, they have run to a Brexit sinkhole. They can't save workers livelihoods, our children’s futures and public services by doing deals with Tories. They need to resist them.

"And resistance is what you'll see on display from the trades union movement tomorrow night. Corbyn is sticking up for our rights in Parliament but it is vital workers and unions begin organising our own public forum in which our Brexit concerns are voiced.

"The Tories have made Brexit the greatest threat to our jobs, employment rights and EU migrant rights since they put the country on the three day week.

"If Brexit is not stopped in its tracks, a Britain stripped of regulation ensuring good working conditions will be ushered in and a ‘Singapore in the North Atlantic’ is now very much on the cards.

"Trade Unions have a responsibility to resist this attack on our most basic protections. It is what we were founded for. Polls show that a majority of trade unionists and Labour members oppose Brexit. Despite this, the voice of ordinary members of both movements is being drowned out of the debate.

"I invite all media outlets to join us and report the trades union view against Brexit. "

The meeting takes place from 6pm at the Lift, Islington, 45 White lion St N1 9PW

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