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TSSA Members Accept Amey Final Pay Offer

10 May 2017

Our reps have agreed to conclude pay negotiations after more than 87% of eligible members voted to accept the company’s final pay offer for 2017.

To download a pdf of this circular for your noticeboard click   TSSA Members accept Amey Final Pay Offer

Thank you for your participation

Thank you to all of you who took the time to have your say. The results gave reps a decisive mandate to accept the offer. We can now begin to consider our priorities for negotiating improvements to terms and conditions for the 1 March 2018 pay anniversary. Speak to your rep for details.

For full offer details, see our previous circular

  • Underpin increased from £500 to £650 (affecting staff with a salary of under £21,666)
  • Consolidated salary increase of 3%
  • H&S staff incorporated into collective bargaining

Have you received the correct pay increase?

All staff within Bands A to C in Amey Consulting and Rail should have received the greater of either a 3% salary increase or £500 on 17 March, backdated to 1 March. Some members within this group have reported that they did not receive the full increase, apparently due to a clerical error that wrongly identifies them outside of collective bargaining and therefore eligible for a lesser amount than that negotiated by our Reps.

Please compare your payslips from before and after 17 March to confirm your percentage increase to salary and allowances. If you identify an anomaly, contact your Line Manager, TSSA Rep, Payroll or Finance department. Members eligible for the increased underpin should check future payslips to ensure the full entitlement is included.

How can I help?

  • If your workplace doesn’t have a copy of this circular on a union noticeboard yet, please print a copy and pin it to your noticeboard
  • Persuade colleagues not in a union to join TSSA. For information see

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