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TSSA members back action at Bus Eireann

7 January 2013

The while collar TSSA union has voted to back industrial action to save jobs and working conditions at Bus Eireann.

After announcing a 73% yes vote in favour of action, with 27% against, Irish organiser Jim Kavanagh called for a meeting of all unions at BE to co-ordinate action in the coming weeks.

He told all 200 union members to refuse to accept the new working conditions that the company was planning to implement from this Sunday.

"Our members' mandate is overwhelming," he said. "They are saying no to the management's letter of December 14 and are willing to take action to defend their jobs and current working conditions."

The size of the majority in favour of action was similar to the one announced earlier in the day by the NRBU.

Manuel Cortes, union general secretary, added: "We will do whatever it takes to defend our members at Bus Eireann. Management has traded on their good will for far too long."

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