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TSSA National Health & Safety Conference 2019

18 January 2019

Many TSSA members work in high risk environments involving heavy engineering equipment and moving trains. Many drive or travel in road vehicles as a part of their job - an activity that is now the most likely one that could result in serious injury or worse.

Many members are in ‘customer facing’ roles, where unfortunately they face an increasing risk of verbal and physical assault. For these members, safety is crucially important – it can literally mean life or death. And until recently this has understandably been the focus of trade unions and their health and safety reps. But many of our members don’t work in such environments – they work most or all of their time in offices. Offices are safe – aren’t they?

No-one gets killed or injured in offices, no-one dies through undertaking office work – or do they? So do we really need TSSA health and safety reps in offices? Compelling evidence says that the answer is YES! Many TSSA members report concerns about excessive workload and a lack of staff and other resources, leading to stress and fatigue.

Too many workplaces still have a culture of bullying, discrimination and inequality. All of these issues can and often do tip over into physical and mental ill-health. And yes, far too many lives are severely impacted upon or even ended prematurely as a result. Tragically, some take their own lives. That is why TSSA is deadly serious about the health, safety and welfare of ALL of our members in ALL workplaces.

That is why the union has just signed up to ‘Time to Change’ in order to highlight the need to raise awareness of mental ill-health and effectively tackle an issue that ruins lives and costs employers huge sums of money. TSSA can only do that effectively through its network of health and safety reps.

The union aims to have a health and safety rep in every workplace, and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to represent their colleagues and ensure that their employers are discharging their legal and moral obligations to ensure their staff work in a healthy and safe environment. So – are you a TSSA health and safety rep that wants to get more involved, and be more effective? Are you a TSSA health and safety rep that wants to make a real difference in your workplace? TSSA is running another National Health & Safety Conference from Tuesday to Thursday, 26-28 February 2019, at the Hilton Hotel, Sheffield.

The Hilton Hotel is a short walk from Sheffield rail station. Building on training already provided to our health and safety reps, the TSSA National Health & Safety Conference will consider the key issues facing TSSA members, and discuss how those issues can be used to build the union’s membership and influence and win together in the workplace! Details of the programme will be made available in early 2019 – watch the TSSA website, or the TSSA Health & Safety facebook page at:

The conference will hear from high profile external speakers and there will be a number of health and safety exhibitors at the conference. The conference will start at 1300 on Tuesday 26 February 2019 and end at 1300 on Thursday 28 February 2019. Please note that applications MUST be received no later than Monday 28 January 2019, so please apply as soon as possible.

Places are limited TSSA National Health & Safety Conference 2019 – important information for applicants Reps wishing to apply for a place at the TSSA National Health & Safety Conference will be required to complete the TSSA Education application form, which can be found on-line at: Any rep that has difficulty in making an on-line application should contact the TSSA Helpdesk; a hard copy form will then be sent to applicants for completion and return by post.

PLEASE NOTE: applications close on Monday 28 January 2019. Applicants will be informed as to whether or not their application is successful by no later than Monday 4 February 2019. When and where Registration will commence at noon on Tuesday 26 February 2019, with the opening session commencing at 1300. The event will end at 1300 on Thursday 28 February 2019.

The conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Sheffield – for further details, see their website: Hotel accommodation TSSA offers participants free hotel accommodation in Sheffield on the nights of Tuesday 26 February 2019 and Wednesday 27 February 2019.

For those participants whose journey would otherwise require them to leave home before 0700 on Tuesday 26 February 2016 in order to get to Sheffield by 1245, free accommodation will also be offered on Monday 25 February 2019. It will also be available on the night of Thursday 28 February 2019 to those participants that would otherwise be unable to arrive at their home until after 2100 on that day having left the conference at 1300. Please note that TSSA will NOT reimburse participants for overnight accommodation arranged by themselves.

Travel arrangements Travel costs will be reimbursed, subject to the following: Participants living in Scotland, Wales and England Participants living in Scotland, Wales and England will generally be expected to use rail services, booking in advance where possible to obtain the cheapest fare.

Air travel may also be used for all or part of the journey if it would be cheaper than rail, or if it would avoid the need for additional overnight accommodation on Monday 25 February 2019 and/or Thursday 28 February 2019. If this is the case, participants should contact Chris Hargrave, TSSA Organiser (email for authority to use air travel instead of rail travel.

Use of private cars Use of private cars for all or part of the journey must be authorised IN ADVANCE by Chris Hargrave, TSSA Organiser (email Authorisation for private car use will only be given in exceptional circumstances.

Release from work Since this is legitimate rep training, your employer should release you with pay to allow you to attend this training event. Any problems in obtaining release should be referred to Chris Hargrave, TSSA Organiser (email Accessibility Requirements Participants will be asked to indicate any access requirements on the application form.

The Sheffield Hilton Hotel is fully accessible to those with mobility difficulties. Special diets including vegetarian, vegan and other diets will be accommodated as far as possible. TSSA is committed to equal opportunities, and addressing the needs of all participants, including those with disabilities, and those with childcare and caring responsibilities.

Applicants may be contacted to discuss their needs, and reasonable requirements will be met. Every effort will be made to ensure reasonable provision of care for pre-school aged children to enable full participation in the TSSA National Health & Safety Conference.

This will be made according to individual needs. This will not extend to hours outside of those when the conference is taking place. It may be necessary to pass on information to a third party with regard to the provision of access requirements such as facilities for those with disabilities. Any such transfer of information that identifies an individual will be made only where necessary.

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