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TSSA National TOC Council

8 September 2011

The TSSA National TOC Council held its first meeting yesterday.

The Council had a productive day, discussing the challenges ahead, especially those posed by the McNulty Report. It considered the campaiging strategy that should be adopted by TSSA, and its first decision was that a film should be made highlighting the threats posed by McNulty.

The next meeting of the Council will be on Tuesday 18 October, at the Unite Office in Birmingham, commencing at 11am. This meeting will agree the structure for the campaign and elect officers and a Steering Committee.   

It has been decided that members of the Council (except EC members) should be able to send a substitute rep in their place should they not be able to attend a particular meeting.

It therefore seems sensible for each member to seek agreement from another rep in the same TOC to act as a 'standing' substitute. However, it is more important that each TOC group of reps is represented at all meetings.

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