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TSSA opposes further job cuts at TfL

17 July 2014

TfL plans job cuts and outsourcing for staff, whilst more directors to be appointed

TfL wants to open consultation with TSSA on another round of organisational change. 76 jobs are under threat across 8 business areas.

In the Contact Centre, TfL intends to dismiss all the agency staff, currently occupying permanent roles which exist within the organisational structure, and outsource their work to a private contractor!

TfL say that this is outside the scope of redundancy consultation. So their plan is to simply replace permanent staff with agency workers, then later outsource the lot without so much as a by your leave. If that goes ahead, is any job safe?

At the same time that they are proposing yet more job cuts, TfL have announced the “good news” that they are creating 2 new Director roles in Commercial Development. That’s an additional 34 Directors since Project Horizon; a move which would have even David Brent from The Office blushing.

Out of the blue….

TfL continue to refuse meaningful dialogue over Pay for Performance, yet they expect your Union Reps to drop everything to co-operate with their latest cuts programme. This is just unreasonable.

TSSA raised this issue at the Company Council earlier in the year and specifically requested advance warning of organisational changes, and a planned approach to future consultations.

Yet again, however, TfL has announced redundancies with virtually no warning and with no plan for consultation. In response, TSSA has written to TfL proposing that they deal with the issues of pay, pensions and performance management properly before launching more spurious changes.

The trade unions’ collective agreement (the Framework) gives recognition to 20 TSSA Reps across TfL. These Reps do not have “block release” arrangements to conduct Union work; they all have day jobs within the business and face the same pressures to deliver as other TfL staff. Most Reps give up a considerable amount of their personal time to help and support TSSA members.

It is increasingly clear that TfL is using a series of tactics, including further reorganisations, in an attempt to tie-up your Reps in endless meetings and so reduce their effectiveness and ability to fight Pay for Peformance and protect the interests and livelihoods of our members. We will not let this happen.

TSSA’s position on the reorganisations

· We are opposed to all compulsory redundancies.

· We are opposed to outsourcing.

· We are for high quality public services and better London Transport.

Your Reps will use all means at our disposal to defend jobs.

We will not be bullied into meekly following the politically-motivated cuts agenda being pursued under the guise of the misnamed “TfL People Strategy”.

We have no doubt that TfL will continue to denigrate the Unions and to ramp up the pressure on your Reps even further. With your support we will rise to this challenge, and use our campaigns to increase the pressure on TfL – from within the business and without – building public, community and political opposition to their proposals.

Stand up to TfL’s bullying tactics

If you would like to find out more about the proposed reorganisations, about our campaign against Pay for Performance, or about getting involved in TSSA then please contact your local TSSA repor or contact Mel Taylor, TSSA Organiser: or tel. 0773 819 5127.

If you haven’t already done so, please remember to lobby the TfL Board of Directors and Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and Chair of the Board, calling upon them to put pressure on TfL to engage in meaningful talks with your trade unions and to treat hard-working TfL staff with dignity and respect.

To lobby the TfL Board go to:, and encourage your family, friends and colleagues to do the same.

Together we are stronger; together we are ONE TfL!

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