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TSSA organising a better future for Freightliner Staff

15 November 2011

Thanks to our organising approach, TSSA is a members union. TSSA is and always has been a membership driven organisation and our policy and direction has always been driven by the members. In Freightliner this is very apparent in the success we have had this year in negotiations that benefit all employees and promote fairness justice and respect for all.

As members you have most likely been involved at some point during the year by influencing decisions that your reps make, be it simply by responding to a question posed by your reps or voting in a democratic ballot for industrial actin. No matter how small your contribution has been, it had led to a combination of like-minded workers all working towards the aim of a better working life.

We need to build on the success of the last year and improve the level of membership within the Freightliner Group and we are asking you as members to do one simple thing:

Recruit a colleague

Let your colleagues know how you have contributed to our success and encourage them to be part of a union that is changing the attitude of management towards our members be they clerical or management grades.

If each member encouraged just one colleague to join we would double our strength and bargaining power. We would build our strength where we are strong and seek recognition where this does not currently exist.

Now there is not even the need to hand out forms or leaflets or wait for people to complete and sign paper forms. You can now join TSSA online:

Join TSSA Online


The majority of our members have been recruited by their colleagues, the more members TSSA recruits, the stronger our union is and the more we can offer to members. The more colleagues in your workplace who are members, the greater the influence you will have on the decision-making process within your company.

Talk to your colleagues and let your experience of being a TSSA member do the talking!

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