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TSSA Petition to Save BTP petition hand in

30 October 2017

TSSA campaigner and senior TSSA officials will hand in an 11,500 strong petition at Holyrood tomorrow (Tuesday) calling on the Scottish Parliament not to break up British Transport Police (BTP).

The Halloween hand-in date has been chosen to underline how scary Scotland's railways will become if the SNP continue to plough ahead with their "devolution" of specially designated railway police.

Petitioners will be met outside the Scottish Parliament by Scottish Labour's Transport Minister, Neil Bibby and other Labour MSPs who also want the Scottish government to reverses it's decision forcing BTP to merge Police Scotland.

Along with the huge public support, TSSAs campaign to retain independent BTP is backed by supported other rail unions and the BTP Federation. It is understood none of Scotland’s Train Operating Companies believe the merger is wise and even Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Constabulary in Scotland (HMICS) have described the SNP decision as “entirely” a political decision and did not include a detailed business case.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, "Axing BTP in Scotland is an act of major folly that will play havoc with the security of Scotland's 10,000 mies of railways track, its stations, depots and of course most importantly the passage safety of passengers. We've chosen Halloween to hand the petition in to highlight the real-life horror story the SNP's plans to do away with our railways' own police force will bring.

"The risk to passenger safety and the likelihood of increased delays in journey times are being increased by the nnationalist rather than rationalist politics behind this decision short-sighted decision and we hope that reason will still prevail and BTP will be given a stay of execution."

Said Neil Bibby MSP, Scottish Labour Transport Minister, "The SNP's merger of the British Transport Police into Police Scotland is a merger that workers do not want and passengers do not need. With over 11,500 people objecting to the merger it is clear there has been an enormous backlash against the SNP's Railway Policing Bill since it was passed.

"Thousands of commuters and rail workers in Scotland have made their views clear - SNP Government and Transport Minister must listen. The SNP would be making a major mistake to continue to ignore the views of BTP staff in particular at a time of heightened security risks on the railways."

TSSA will hand in its petition of 11,500 Scottish supporters of BTP remaining a specialist Police Force for the Transport System to representative Humza Yusaf MSP, Minister for Transport at 1pm.

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