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TSSA report first day Iarnród Éireann strike solid

1 November 2017

TSSA General secretary, Manuel Cortes is calling on Transport Minister, Shane Ross to join him on Iarnród Éireann picket lines in Dublin today to meet rail workers and hear in person their case for a near pay rise after a near decade without.

"Shane Ross needs to stop hiding within the Dail walls pretending he's Pontius Pilate. He can't wash his hands of the fact that Ireland's rail network has been brought to a standstill today by a solid strike. And neither can he wash his hands of his own rail workers. He should join me on picket lines and meet his workforce. He'll see ordinary workers taking extraordinary action to get the pay packet justice they deserve.

"Nine years without a pay rise is nine years of pay cuts. Factor in the social charge and life has become too just too tough for workers who are simply asking for a fair day's pay for a fair days' work. I'm sure the strike wont have escaped Ross's attention, but it now needs his action.

"He must order the company back to the negotiating table to get this dispute settled or face four more scheduled strikes and their collateral economic damage. He must also rethink Ireland's Transport Strategy which, on his watch, is now at the bottom of the European league table for government investment in public transport, with only Cyprus and Lithuania investing less as a percentage of GDP. "

Cortes will ben picket lines at Connolly Station at 8.30am, Pearse Station at 10am, Inchicore Depot at 11am and Heuston Station at noon.

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