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TSSA reps at TfL

21 August 2018

TSSA has the most reps of any union in TfL, and is the only union with recognition in all areas of the business. We're also the only union that is recognised for collective consultation on behalf of senior managers.

Bands 1-3

Name Email Business area(s)
Ivana Durechova Surface MD and Directors' Offices  Ivana Durechova 150
Stephen Ellaby* Finance, Strategy & Network Development, Corporate Assurance  Stephen Ellaby
Andrew Batchelor* CCT, City Planning  Andrew Batchelor
David Field Surface Sponsorship, CCT, City Planning  David Field
Dimitris Phanos* CCT  Dimitris Phanos
Chris Clark* Finance, Strategy & Network Development  Chris Clark 150
Patrick Charlton Surface MD and Directors' Offices  Patrick Charlton
Keith Taylor    Keith Taylor
Julian Collins    Julian Collins
Catherine Poole* CCT, City Planning  Image Coming Soon
Kevin Fernandes* Surface MD and Directors' Offices  Kevin Fernandes


TfL Company Council
TSSA has six seats on the TfL Company Council. The next largest unions have only two each. This is the forum for discussing matters that affect all staff in bands 1-3, such as company policies, pay talks etc. The reps who regularly attend these meetings representing you are indicated in the table above using asterisks.

Senior managers (bands 4-5)

Name Email    
Joyce Mamode                                           Joyce Mamode


Health & Safety and Neurodiversity reps

TSSA has recently succeeded in persuading TfL to honour its legal obligations and establish a Health & Safety Committee. We have a number of Health & Safety and Neurodiversity reps in place, and they are working with their industrial rep colleagues to support staff through the Transformation process.

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