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TSSA respond to Transport Minister Humza Yousaf’s speech to SNP party conference

10 October 2017

SNP conference this year didn’t have any transport policies tabled but Transport Minister Humza Yousaf gave a keynote speech shared with Mhairi Black this morning (Tuesday 10th October).

Leader of transport union TSSA, Manuel Cortes commented:

“The speech was called ‘Making Scotland’s voice heard’ but if we take Humza’s word for it, it appears Scotland’s voice is just a bunch of cheap shots and insults about other parties.

“Humza skirted over the significant transport failings of ScotRail – which has gone from profitable to loss making this year. He also didn’t mention CalMac and The Ferries Review looking at bringing it back into public ownership.

“The brief mention of transport, that we should be impressed that the Transport Minister of Scotland is ’putting together a public sector bid’ together, doesn’t impress me. Because what he should be doing is taking control of the railways out of the hands of the Dutch and into Scottish control. We should just bring railways into the public sector now without the waste of time and money of a bidding process.

“I’d urge the Transport Minister to focus on real change and lay off of the insults, because the ‘ferrets in a sack’ could come back to bite him.’

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