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TSSA respond to TUC decision to support vote on any Brexit deal

10 September 2018

Responding to the speech by TUC General Secretary, France's O'Grady to the 150th anniversary gathering of Congress in Manchester, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"In the face of the huge threat to our jobs, our public services and our economy from the Tory government and the proxy war they are waging with Europe in the guise of Brexit, Frances's speech today shows Congress is as relevant and necessary today to defend workers interests as it was when it was founded in Manchester 150 years ago.

"In 1868, presiding over Victorian squalor was a boss class who exploited workers, didn't give a fig for their rights, their livelihoods nor whether workers could feed their families. Only by coming together and fighting through unions for their own emancipation did workers win better working conditions, our trades union rights and the right to vote.

"We need a big show of workers solidarity now in the face of the Brexit crash and burn strategy of this this lunatic Tory government. I'm delighted to hear Frances so robustly serve notice of a workers revolt on the Tories if they don't return with a workers-first deal with the EU. I welcome Frances commitment to returning sign-off on the deal to a popular vote although our overriding priority remains getting Jeremy Corbyn into No10 as soon as possible.

"We all know Theresa May is so beyond weak and wobbly, she's now a dead woman walking. Checkered by her own Chequers deal she can deliver nothing. So Frances is absolutely right to tell the Prime Minister to stand down, let the country go to to a General Election and let's elect a Labour government who will keep jobs, services, freedom of movement and the retention of single market and customs union membership back on the negotiating table and liberate Britain from this dreadful Tory Brexit mess.


Note to desks:

TSSA was a Remain union that has campaigned relentlessly for Britain to leave all options on the negotiating table with the EU including staying put in the EU, if a deal cannot be reached to maintain our jobs, services and workers rights including freedom movement.

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