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TSSA Responds After Public Accounts Committee Calls On Government To Explain Responsibility For Crossrail Failures

3 April 2019

The Public Accounts Committee has called on the Government to explain who is responsible for ongoing Crossrail failures in a damning new report.

In the summary of the report the Committee concludes ‘we are not convinced that new services will start to run in 2020 as now hoped, nor that the additional £2.8 billion of funding provided will be enough’.

‘We are becoming increasingly alarmed at the continual shortcomings our work has highlighted in the Department’s project management and oversight of the railways and we will continue to look closely at progress with this programme.’

‘The costs of this project have been allowed to spiral out of control whilst question marks remain around its completion and when new train services will start to run.’

Responding, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said: "It seems from Brexit to Crossrail this government can’t be trusted to deliver anything on time - or on budget.

“The line was supposed to be opened by the Queen last December. She is 93 this month. We should not be wondering whether she will live long enough to open the Elizabeth line named after her.

"The Department of Transport under failing Grayling gets rightfully admonished by the Public Audit Committee. But their report is so disparaging about the mute-failings that have brought us to this point that a public inquiry is now necessary so we can learn where blame should be apportioned, and lessons learned.

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