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TSSA report into ticket office closures on London Overground

5 September 2018

Arriva Rail London (ARL), announced in Sept 2017 their plans to close all ticket offices on the London Overground network. Yesterday they confirmed that this remains their intention.

ARL have participated in a joint station by station review across the network. TSSA and RMT have produced a comprehensive report based on their findings. These highlight the importance of ticket offices and the need for more station staff. This report will be shared with ARL management today (Wednesday 5 September).

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said:

“Just two years ago London Overground launched a poster campaign explicitly advertising that would run a fully staffed service.

”But now they want to cut staff. There are currently over 350 vacancies amongst station staff. Around 200 agency staff are being used to partially plug the gaps.

The joint union review of 88 stations, which highlights current concerns over safety, security and staffing levels, has been presented to ARL management today. We hope that our members' pleas will not fall on deaf ears.

“I’m extremely concerned our TSSA members are already working on their own in quite large stations. In some, the ticket vending machines are outside them, which makes emptying them of cash dangerous.

“ARL's decision motivation for seeking the closure of booking offices is purely based on cost cutting. The withdrawal by the Tories of London Transport's operating subsidy - making our Capital one of the biggest cities in the world to run without one - is the prime reason behind this.

“Passenger and our members' safety is paramount to our union. We will be engaging the local communities who rely on London Overground services with the aim of bringing sufficient public pressure during to halt this act of vandalism on London's commuter railway.

“Londoners know that removing ticket offices from London Underground stations is an ongoing disaster. Our members get the brunt of passenger frustrations when ticket machines aren't working or when passengers need information. We went on strike over this and only ended our dispute when London Underground agreed to recruit more staff.

"Our union doesn't want to see a rerun of that dispute in London Overground. However, we won't put up with cuts which endanger passenger and our members' safety. We won't hesitate to do whatever is required to stop ARL in their tracks. So its over to them. We hope that common sense will prevail or industrial action looms large”

You can read the full report here: London Overground station review report


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