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TSSA responds to Transport Select Committee inquiry

19 June 2018

Commenting on the transport select committee's inquiry yesterday (Mon 18 June) questioning Northern Rail, Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and Network Rail, Manuel Cortes said:

“A responsible general takes responsibility for what happens on his watch. Grayling is not of that mould. He has blamed unions, then industry bosses, anybody but himself.

“But on his watch our rail network has simply fallen apart. He is to blame for ignoring all advice coming to him from his field marshals and for reversing essential and scheduled investment decisions.

“Grayling is the worst Transport Secretary in history. He is entirely responsible for the biggest disaster to befall our railways in peacetime history. Trains aren’t running, passengers are stranded and the economy is taking a hit.

“The privatisation model has all and truly gone for bust - the bust of our railways. Grayling day of reckoning is nigh. Good for Labour for holding him to account in parliament tomorrow. But May must boot this man out of our railways, out of office, out of cabinet and out of her wobbling government.”

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