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TSSA response to EAT ruling on holiday pay

25 February 2016

TSSA responds to this week's Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling on holiday pay

Responding to this week's Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling on holiday pay, TSSA Assistant General Secretary, Frank Ward said:

"As the debate about staying in or out of Europe gets more heated, workers are asking "What has the EU ever done for me?" so the Employment Appeal Tribunal's ruling that in order to comply with European law, British workers are entitled to holiday pay which includes commission they'd receive if they were in work serves as a good answer.

"The TSSA welcomes this decision which will we well-received by employees across the travel trade whose normal pay is made up of basic salary, overtime and/or results-based commission, but who only receive basic pay when they are on leave.

" Many employers, including some in the travel trade, have been burying their heads in the sand on this issue for some time, hoping against hope that the EAT might somehow rule otherwise. TSSA will now be approaching them directly to discuss how they plan to rectify the situation and pressing them to do so quickly."

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