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TSSA response to HS3 budget announcement

16 March 2016

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes responded to the Chancellor's HS3 budget announcement today (Wednesday 16 March)

Responding to the Chancellor's HS3 announcement, TSSA leader Manuel Cortes said:

"The North gave birth to railways. Stephenson's Rocket travelled at 24mph in 1829. Sadly rail travel between our great Northern cities is remain closer to that speed than high speed and today's announcement by the Chancellor doesn't change that.

"It may help bring the rail in North unto a speed acceptable in the 20th century - which would be a welcome boost to long-suffering passengers - but a modern 21st century high speed rail network needs long term strategic planning which only public investment can guarantee and there was none on that on offer in today's budget. George Osborne really does need to stop promising and start delivering when it comes to Northern rail infrastructure." 

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