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TSSA response to National Audit Office interim report into appointment of Peter Wilkinson at DfT

24 October 2017

Responding to National Audit Office(NAO) interim report into the appointment of Peter Wilkinson as a real franchising consultant at the Department of Transport (DfT), TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said,

"Without pre-judging the National Audit Office's final report into the circumstances surrounding Peter Wilkinson's appointment, I'm sure hard pressed rail passengers will be at a loss to understand why the Tory magic money tree could shake the best part of £1million pounds over a 20 month period in Mr Wilkinson's direction whilst, elsewhere in the public sector jobs were being axed and and pay caps rigorously enforced on the altar of Tory austerity.  

"Even when Wilkinson's consultancy gravy train ended, the Tory's took Wilkinson on as a civil servant as Director of Passenger Services to the DfT for which we taxpayers now pay him a whopping, basic salary of £264,000. 

"The NAO is right to investigate Wilkinson's appointments and its findings expose the revolving door between the corporate privateers and Tory cronyism. If Grayling had any honour he would resign before the full report indicts his disastrous stewardship of the DfT even further. But sadly, I predict he won't as Tory arrogance knows no end"


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