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TSSA Response to Network Rail Statement on 1-4 Pay

16 August 2011

On Friday Network Rail issued a statement on Connect which sought to give the impression that talks on the current management pay dispute are progressing successfully.

This is a misrepresentation.

The company have verbally offered two “talking shops” on two elements of the dispute. However, they have not given any concrete commitments which would give confidence that they genuinely wish to resolve these issues to the satisfaction of their staff. The suspicion must be that they intend to “kick it into the long grass”.

These proposals have not yet been received in writing for your reps to consider fully and have not been discussed by your area reps, as is necessary during a pay dispute. Of course we wish to negotiate over performance management and equalities, but we need to agreeappropriate terms of reference and this has yet to happen.

The company have not responded on the issues of the pay rise amount, flexible and remote working, or long working hours. NR are seeking to undermine the democracy of your union by presenting this as a fait accompli. It cannot be a coincidence that they seek to do this the week before the industrial action ballot closes. It is essential that members hold firm and give support to your reps in this crucial time.

Your area reps are meeting this Friday to discuss the position fully and further information will be available soon after.

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